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WHY US specializes in Organic search engine optimization. Simply stated, our mission is to get our clients in the legal, health care and financial industries to the tops of major search engines, under search terms highly relevant to their practice or business.

Why Us

Any idea who really is on the other end of the
e-mail you received? We don’t know, either.


Ever get one of those e-mails in your mailbox from a self-professed "expert" who claims he will get you to "number one" in the top search engines? If not, you’re in the minority. So many of our clients (or prospective clients) forward these to us on a daily basis. Ironically, they don’t have to – we get them, too!


  • The contact e-mail is a "free" (and untraceable) addresse, like Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc.
  • There is no business name listed. There is no phone number listed.
  • The e-mail is impersonal, and does not address you by name, business name or domain (which suggests the "expert" is playing a "numbers game" with a mass/blind e-mail campaign, hoping to get as many bites as possible). Reputable SEO companies don’t need to do this.
  • The e-mail is vague as to how these "experts" will achieve their promised results.
  • The "expert" offers to pay "out of pocket" if you are not satisfied with your results.
  • The "expert" offers guarantees of any kind, with regard to Organic SEO – which is impossible.
  • The "expert" doesn’t offer a website URL of his own. Does he practice what he preaches?
  • The e-mail contains broken English and/or blatant typos, suggesting a foreign (and even more untraceable) "expert."


  • Delete it.
  • Forget about it.
  • Find and employ a legitimate SEO company, not an anonymous "expert" with zero track record.

Does your SEO company offer any type of
exclusivity? Or are you just another face
in a large crowd?


In theory, we all want to go with the "biggest" and well-known company. "They MUST be specialists," we think to ourselves.


  • If you build and optimize my website, do I own the content, the photos, all coding and databases, and will you provide me with copies of all of this should I ever choose to leave you and employ another company?
  • How many key phrases will you optimize for me for your proposed package? Can I choose them?
  • Do you offer exclusivity of any kind? If so, how do you define "exclusivity?"
  • If your SEO company optimizes many of my local competitors, how do you determine who gets preferential treatment (higher placement within the search engines) if the same key phrases are desired by multiple competitors?
  • Do you have a "cap" on the number of businesses you’ll optimize from any particular area?
  • Will you sign an NDA with our firm or business stating that you will not solicit our direct competitors?
  • Will you guarantee us an anonymous relationship by agreeing not to place your logo and/or company name in the footer of our websites?

We, of course, know the answers to all of these questions, as they pertain to the "industry conglomerates." You’ll be shocked by these answers, provided they’re forthcoming with their answers.


  • ALWAYS read everything and anything they ask you to sign. This might seem so simple and basic, but you would not believe how many “horror” stories we hear daily by former clients of the conglomerates, who missed just one or two lines in a contract.
  • Do some research on these large companies – Type their names in to search engines and see what others have to say about them. You might be surprised by your findings! Complaints abound.
  • ASK if you will own the full rights to your website, per above. This includes all of the files that make up your website, your content, photos and SEO work done for you by the company. If the answer is “yes,” ask if they’re willing to put that in writing.

Most "Web design" companies that offer SEO
services equate to attempting to insert a
square peg into a round hole.


Would you choose to dine at a seafood restaurant just to order a steak dish? Well, you could, but just how good will that steak be? That analogy is not dissimilar to hiring a web design company for quality Organic search engine optimization. While Web design and development factor in to quality organic SEO, there are so many other, much more important factors that require a completely separate skill set – that of a seasoned Web development company with a proven track record of successful Organic search engine optimization through years of experience.

Many smaller Web design and development companies feel they need to offer SEO to their clients, to be a “one stop shop. ” They dabble in pay-per-click campaigns, and most likely have no expertise in the intricacies of Organic search engine optimization.



You CAN have the best of all worlds, when it
comes to Internet marketing. Call us today for
a free consultation.
  • If we build the website, we build it in accordance with your personal preferences. We do not include the cost of your websites and/or content-rich articles as part of our monthly services – the site is paid for at the start of the SEO campaign, and you own it. We provide you with all source files that comprise your site upon final payment, and lay no claim to the site. If, for any reason, you feel the need to move on, you are free to do so – and have all the power to do it.
  • Our SEO packages start at 40 key phrases, and can be customized upward to meet any business’ needs. Our most popular packages range from 50-70 key phrases.
  • We do offer exclusivity when requested, but this is reserved for large campaigns. This is usually for mid-sized to large law firms, medical facilities and financial institutions that build and optimize multiple websites with us. If a client builds and optimizes three sites with us, we offer exclusivity for the county of the client’s choice. That means we will not accept another account from a competing business based in that county.
  • We only accept three (3) clients, per area of practice or industry, per county. Given that there usually are 10 spots on the page of any given search term, this number works just fine for our clients. We don’t believe in “playing” one client against another. We always find ways to ensure that all parties benefit.
  • Once those three accounts per area of practice or industry are filled, we turn down all other requests for that county for as long as those three accounts remain active.
  • We sign NDAs on a regular basis, and allow clients to reference up to three competitors’ websites, which we thoroughly analyze and use as the foundation of our quotes. We will not directly solicit those firms/businesses, and are willing to put that in writing.
  • As per the aforementioned NDA, we cannot confirm nor deny that anyone is a client. We do not “brand” your website with our business name or link. It’s YOUR website, and such practices only serve the Web developer – not the client. Think about it – if a company does a great job with your site, and you’re appearing atop the major search engines, wouldn’t your competitors want that? What’s the first thing they’ll do? Contact the company that optimized your website. If they can’t tell who that company is, you are the one who benefits. We are very loyal to our clients, and don’t believe in “selling out” to the highest bidder, as is the unfortunate case with some of our competitors.