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Online Health Care Marketing, Online Doctor MarketingMedical websites must strike a balance of professionalism, compassion and ease of navigation. takes a softer approach to designing most medical websites, after careful consideration of the aforementioned characteristics, in conjunction with our clients’ preferences. We have successfully developed and optimized websites for cosmetic surgeons and dentists, orthodontists, medical doctors, specialists, home health care companies, nursing homes and hospice facilities. So our goal is two-fold – optimize your medical website such that your listings appear in the natural/Organic section of the top search engines under key phrases or terms highly relevant to your specialty, and reward the visitor with a pleasant visit once he or she lands there.


Why are websites so important to the medical/health care industry?

  • They help bolster an entity’s credibility. Unlike short radio, television or newspaper advertisements, a website, done right, is a true reflection of the doctor or facility, and the prospective patients (or their families) can find out everything you want to tell them with a single visit to your site.
  • They can help facilitate tedious tasks, like filling out forms in a crowded waiting room. How much easier would it be if patients downloaded the forms from your website, filled them out at their leisure, and simply handed them over as they walk in to the office?
  • They can give a person a “tour” of your facility or introduce them to the doctors before they even set foot in the office. This helps put the patient at ease, as he or she knows what to expect during a visit. offers a complete range of website development and design options to health care and medical facilities to accompany our dynamic SEO campaigns. We can work with your existing website, if you so desire, redesign your website, or help you build a customized website that is unmistakably “you.” Unlike attorney or financial websites, which typically are more straightforward, a medical website can (and should) contain more photos, graphics and even some light Flash features to help strike a more personal cord with its targeted audience.


This part is vital to the success of any Organic search engine optimization campaign. This must be done to any and all websites – whether we build a site from scratch, redesign an existing site, or use a client’s website “as is.” There are dozens of hidden tags, code, databases and configurations that must be tweaked in order to ensure that your website has the highest chance of catapulting to the tops of the major search engines. All of this coding is done with search terms – approved by you – that are highly relevant to your health care or medical facility or practice.

The following is an example of a plastic surgeon based in Seattle. Naturally, the surgeon would want to target key phrases that have the highest chance of being searched, AND, offer the highest chance of conversion. Some examples would be:

  • Seattle cosmetic surgeons
  • Seattle breast enlargement surgeon
  • Seattle face lift surgery
  • Seattle tummy tuck surgery
  • Seattle liposuction surgeon

Someone who lives in or around Seattle – who types in these terms, and/or dozens of others that come standard with any of our SEO packages – are more likely than not looking for a local cosmetic surgeon to perform one of these procedures. That’s targeted advertising at its BEST! The cosmetic surgeon is not broadcasting his medical practice to the masses; the masses are searching for him or her. Top-notch SEO readiness is critical for the success of any Organic search engine optimization campaign in the health care/medical industry.


Top search engines crave content, so obviously we encourage our clients to help us give them what they need to achieve top placement. Articles chock full of helpful hints and tips should be written and posted as part of the website. These articles will contain key phrases that are highly relevant to your practice or facility, and will be strategically placed with the goal of having the search engines recognize the value of the content, thus catapulting your website to the top of a search containing your desired key phrases.

Given the above city, Seattle, we will apply this to a home health care company. Here are ideas for articles that might work very well on such a website:

  • The advantages of home health care over a nursing home
  • What to look for when choosing a home health care provider
  • Why is “bonded, licensed and insured” critical?
  • Knowing when it’s time to ask for help
  • How to receive quality home health care in a down economy

These articles would be localized, and applied to the Seattle area, utilizing key phrases like: Seattle home health care, Seattle in-home care, Seattle home health care providers, Seattle home care agencies, etc. As long as the key phrases are relevant to the article – and we make sure of this – and as long as the article adds value for the general public, it will be received well by the top search engines, and could boost your listings to the first page. has an in-house professional editorial department capable of researching, writing and editing articles in the health care/medical industry, utilizing your requested, relevant, geography-specific key phrases to bring you optimal results. Any prospective client is free to write his or her own articles, and our editorial team will optimize them.


Should you require changes to your website, the process is as simple as filling out a “change request form.” We bill by the hour, and only charge you for what you have requested. We do not believe in hidden extras.


Each monthly SEO package hosting offers free hosting with 24/7/365 live tech support and 99.9% uptime. This also includes unlimited e-mail addresses and aliases/forwarders.