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Lawyer Internet Marketing, Attorney Internet Marketing offers a complete range of website design and development options to attorneys, along with our powerful SEO campaigns. While some attorneys choose to use their existing websites, most either want their websites redesigned to conform to more modern (Web 2.0) methods, or choose to have them completely redone – from design to content to database infrastructure, where applicable. Quite a few of our attorney clients – who have never had websites before – rely on our expertise to guide them, start to finish.


An attorney’s website does not have to be complex. To the contrary, a 10-page website (with content-rich articles, as per below), is a sufficient start. As long as the site is easy to navigate, gets the point across, and, most importantly, gets the prospective client to call or contact you, it has done its job. We don’t believe in “frills” like heavy Flash, which serve no search engine optimization purpose whatsoever. We can do anything a client asks – but we always try to explain our development methodology this way: “Get the site built, get clients, make money, then build your frills.” Our clients usually are receptive to that. We custom build all websites in accordance with our clients’ preferences, and factor in design methods that will help catapult their sites to the top of major search engines. Website design and development – especially the behind-the-scenes coding, or “SEO readiness” – are key to Organic SEO success.


This is our most popular request, as most clients have some sort of Web “presence” – but have seen no results in terms of traffic, much less conversions. A website says more about a firm than one might think – if it seems like it was hastily put together, sloppy, contains non-functional links, is anemic in content, is outdated or shows an attorney’s e-mail contact as a free or ISP domain (ie. Yahoo, Google, Comcast), the firm’s credibility – and professionalism as a whole – could take a large hit in the eyes of many. We hear this time and time again from our clients, as it relates to their past experiences, as well as those who have viewed those types of websites and have chosen to go with a more “professional” firm. In the courtroom, image is everything. That’s the case online, too.


This is an absolute must for any website. Whether we build, redesign or inherit a website from our clients, it has to be coded for acceptance in the major search engines, factoring in key phrases (of your choice) that are highly relevant to your practice. This will not only bolster your website’s positioning in the search engines, it greatly increases the chances that the lead generated through Organic SEO will be a solid one. For example, let’s say a client has a criminal defense firm in Topeka, Kansas. Key phrases we’d aim for are:

  • Topeka criminal defense lawyers
  • Topeka DUI attorneys
  • Topeka sexual assault lawyers
  • Topeka homicide attorneys
  • Etc, etc, etc.

If someone from the Topeka area is searching for any of the above terms specific to your practice, chances are very high that he or she – or a loved one – needs these services. If your listing appears on the first page of the major search engines under key phrases like those – that are specific to your practice and area(s) of specialty – wouldn’t it stand to reason that you’ll convert more leads? Quality “SEO readiness” is the foundation of any Organic SEO campaign, and our experts ensure that all of your pages are expertly coded for maximum conformation to the top search engines’ preferences.


Major search engines give preferential treatment to websites that have relevant content. Plain and simple. Using the above geographic area, but applied to personal injury, a Topeka-based personal injury firm would boost its website’s ranking by adding highly relevant articles to its website, utilizing the key phrases that are desired for optimization. Here are some sample topics, all which would be tailored to the Topeka area:

  • What constitutes a “slip and fall” case in Kansas?
  • When should I contact a personal injury attorney?
  • DUI victims’ families: You can help
  • Injured? Don’t sign anything until speaking with a lawyer
  • Medical malpractice: What are my rights?

We cannot underscore the importance of these articles, as they pertain to Organic SEO success. has an in-house, professional editorial department capable of researching, writing and editing articles in all areas of law, in all geographic locations. Of course, law firms can write their own articles, and our editorial team can help optimize them for the key phrases of our clients’ choice.


One of our biggest challenges is explaining to prospective attorney clients that Flash has absolutely zero Organic SEO significance. Flash is treated like an image by the search engines, and any text that appears within it is never recognized by search engines.

Using Flash images that are “embedded” in a page is fine – we understand that some attorneys like to have walk-on Flash features or instant-play commercials. has a seasoned team of Flash designers capable of designing anything.

We will always urge caution when it comes to Flash, as it applies to SEO. However, if our clients insist, we can find away around any limitations.


We don’t require expensive “retainers” or monthly maintenance contracts. We charge for maintenance – changes desired by a client, whether visual or text – by the hour. Our clients only pay for what they need – not a penny more.


Each monthly SEO package offers includes free hosting with 24/7/365 live tech support and 99.9% uptime. This also includes unlimited e-mail addresses and aliases/forwarders.